This website is for investors, farmers and ranchers who are interested in forming an investor-funded marketing partnership for organic meat and poultry. These foods will be produced, processed and marketed in the Omaha/Kansas City region under the Massena Farms banner. The farmers and ranchers who supply our brand will own the controlling interest in the partnership and its brand(s). Investors and producers will negotiate distribution of the brand profits. The company’s legal structure will be determined by the partners. The options include B Corp, non-profit, co-op and LLC . Slow Money Principals will govern company operations.

The first page of this website outlines our business model. Page 2 describes a demonstration project. Page 3 highlights the role of cattle in sustainable agriculture and points out key barriers to food system sustainability in the Omaha/Kansas City region. Our project partners will be listed on page 4.

If you have questions or comments, my name is Jim Steffen. I can be reached at or 402-317-2639.

Thank you.

Note: The above photo is a courtesy of the Boys Town Hall of History. It was taken in the 1950’s.