Those familiar with agriculture know that the vast majority young farmers and ranchers cannot bootstrap profitable operations. Small grants, credit cards, part time jobs, and sweat equity are not the answers. There is no credible body of research that points to small farmsĀ  as profit centers that have had measurable positive impacts on rural economies (ERS, USDA).

To increase profits to sustainable levels, we are developing organized groups of locally owned and operated farms and ranches.

These commercial-scale operations are organized in “regenerative production units” .

A production unit is an organized group of contiguous and nearby farms. again, locally-owned and operated.

This website explains the need and profit potential.

Development Partners

We are contacting food companies, non-profits, and elected officials on funding demonstration projects.

Readers are encouraged to study this website and then call me to arrange an appointment.

Thank you.

Jim Steffen
President, Massena Corporation

Posted 5-03-2024