Land is the most valuable asset on earth, and farmland that is close to cities is especially valuable for two competing reasons – local food security and suburban development.

In the interest of local food security, we are inviting the owners of farms in the immediate Omaha area to work with us to attract interested consumers, home buyers, and investors to planned regenerative farm communities. These demonstrations will center on sustainable crop and livestock production with limited residential development on less productive land.

Starting with our Bennington farm, our goal is to show potential home buyers, consumers, and investors how to avoid suburban sprawl by developing planned farm communities that center on regenerative food production for local and regional markets.

Regenerative Production Units

We plan to link our Bennington farm and others in the immediate Omaha with more distant farms that produce regenerative and organic crops and livestock in commercial quantities. Distant and close-in farms will be linked through organized farmer-controlled “regenerative production units”.

A regenerative production unit is a group of locally owned contiguous and nearby farms operated as a single unit. The participating landowners will continue to own their land. With our company’s support, landowners will approve all business plans, select the farmer(s) for each unit, and oversee ongoing operations.

Demonstration Projects

We are inviting food company executives, non-profits leaders, and elected officials to discuss funding for regenerative production unit demonstrations.

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Jim Steffen, President

Massena Corporation


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Posted 7/20/24